war on women

Americans love to declare war on things. We like pretend wars just as much as we like real ones. We have wars on drugs, guns, obesity, cancer, poverty, and Christmas.

Usually we declare war on stuff we don’t like, but if some jerk comes along and “attacks” something we do like, we accuse that person of starting a war with us. This is how we got the “war on women,” a term that refers to the recent/longtime/ongoing efforts of conservative politicians in several states to regulate women’s access to birth control, abortions, and other uterus-related medical interventions.

What those politicians are doing may be unconscionable, but calling their actions a “war on women” is bad for everybody.

The way we talk influences the way we think and act. If every disagreement is a war, then everyone who disagrees is the enemy, every argument a battle to the death. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can be diplomatic. We should try harder.