What’s our word today? Wellness? Oh, that sounds nice. It’s the quality of being well! Like the picture of health: glowing skin, great posture, the ability to jog several miles at a stretch. Like yoga. Carrots. Right?

Here’s a decent rule of thumb: If a word sounds nice, but you can’t say exactly what it means, there’s a pretty good chance that word is bullshit.

People who want you to buy the things they’re selling use words like this all the time. The way it’s supposed to work is, you hear “wellness,” you think “jogging!” and you shell out $28 for a box of sugar pills (or better yet, nothing pills) or wellnessberry mucus tea or whatever.

A good question to ask when someone tells you a product helps with your wellness is, “How?” Another one is, “What is wellness? Can you just tell me what you mean by wellness? Be specific. I have all day.”