the holy land

“The Holy Land” is a patch of mostly desert in Western Asia that a lot of people have been fighting over pretty much constantly for thousands of years.

The names of places don’t always make sense. Greenland, for example, is covered in ice. The Midwest is in the eastern half of the United States. Parts of the Near East are east of the Middle East, and the Far East is west of North America. What a mess.

Sometimes the people who picked the names were missing important information about the places. Sometimes they thought if they picked a really nice name for a cold and desolate place, gullible people would move there.

In the case of “the Holy Land,” people who lived on the small patch of mostly desert a long time ago believed a god told their ancestors that it was his favorite piece of land and they should keep living on it. Unfortunately, some other people who also lived there believed the god had said essentially the same thing to THEIR ancestors, which is one reason they’re all still killing each other.

Hey, come on. It makes at least as much sense as Greenland.