A “developing” country is a poor country, if you’re a person who lives in a rich country.

Rich people — and people who live in rich countries — get really uncomfortable around the word “poor,” like it’s some kind of secret they have to keep from poor people: “Shhhh — don’t tell them they’re poor! Tell them they’re underserved populations in developing areas!”

Sorry, rich people, but you’re not doing poor people any favors with your bullshit euphemisms. In fact, the word “developing” is a lot more insulting than the word “poor” because it suggests that the country in question is not home to a fully formed society.

Worse still, people in rich countries refer to their own countries as “developed,” as if they couldn’t possibly “develop” any further, as if they’re the ideal places that “developing” countries are “developing” into.

The whole thing is really gross. Just say “poor” next time.