spin cycle: sequester

It’s time for yet another installation of Spin Cycle, where we peek at the news through our fingers, see what people are saying, and then throw our laptop through a plate-glass window and quit humanity forever.

“Sequester” means to isolate something. When a jury is sequestered, it means the jurors aren’t allowed to talk to anyone but each other until the trial is over.

There’s another definition of sequester that has to do with seizing somebody’s money (or valuables) until they pay off a debt. In this sense, “sequester” is a euphemism for “take by force.” That’s the one our sneaky friends in the news are using, sort of, except they’re not talking about shaking someone down for cash. They’re talking about using some of the money we used to spend on government programs to pay off part of the government’s debt.

In other (more accurate) words, they’re talking about a series of budget cuts.

Budget cuts are not popular, but everybody understands what they are. “Sequester” is jargon nobody has an opinion about.

See if you can figure this one out. I’m gonna see about getting that window fixed.