The word “sacred” can mean “imbued with some kind of power by a supreme being” (like: a sacred place, a sacred ritual, a sacred word).

It can also describe a thing you are not allowed to question.

It’s interesting that we use the same word for both of these ideas.

When one word means two different things, it can be hard for us to separate the meanings from each other, even if they’re not really related.

Here at Wordmonster, we don’t like it when people tell us not to question things. When we feel so strongly about something that questioning it seems ridiculous or rude, that’s exactly when we question it the hardest. If the thing is really as great — or as terrible or awe-inspiring — or as real as we say, it should be able to withstand any question we throw at it.

That doesn’t mean we don’t trust our feelings. It’s just how we do things.