listen to yourself: could care less

Here at Wordmonster, we don’t really care what you say as long as you think about the effect your words will have once you release them into the wild. We’re never going to shame you for saying “who” instead of “whom” or for ending your sentence with a preposition or anything like that. That stuff bores us to death.

But sometimes when you talk, we can tell you’re not paying attention.

Like let’s say something really irritating happens. Maybe you lose a pie-eating contest to the worst person you know. And then, with a dismissive wave of your hand, you say you “could care less” that you lost.

What you mean is that you don’t care, but the words you’re saying mean that you DO care. The expression you’re looking for is “couldn’t care less,” which would mean you don’t care at all.

People often say the opposite of what they mean on purpose. But that’s not what you’re doing when you say “could care less.” You’re just repeating a mistake you heard someone else make.

Once you start paying attention to what you say, it will be very difficult to stop.