Almost nobody actually hates anything. I mean, maybe they hate olives. That’s reasonable. But they don’t HATE things. Not in the angry, destructive sense of the word.

It’s true. Most people do not hate women, minorities, freedom, jobs, children, education, your religion specifically, or the free market.


Hate is a lot of work, and people have their own stuff going on. With a few notable exceptions, they don’t hate you or your friends or the things you like.

When you accuse people of hating things (or other people) and the alleged haters are simply ignorant or selfish or misinformed or even just have an opinion that contradicts one of your opinions, you are basically asking them to ignore you. Your target says to herself, “I don’t hate freedom/jobs/children. That person is insane,” and then stops listening to you because she has her own stuff going on and can’t afford to spend all day explaining herself to crazy people.

And you wouldn’t listen to her, either, if she was accusing you of hating puppies or joy. You’re busy. We all are. We don’t have time for this.