A privilege is something nice you get even though you didn’t earn it. Sometimes it’s a tangible thing like a surprise helicopter ride, and sometimes it’s a bunch of subtler things, like the way people usually treat you.

When people have the second kind of privileges, we say they are “privileged.”

We’re all privileged in one way or another. Being “privileged” is sort of like being lucky in very specific, predictable ways.

Maybe your government trusts you to make your own medical decisions. Maybe nobody takes one look at you and assumes you’re dangerous or bad at math. Maybe you get to walk around knowing that, should you be attacked, nobody is going to think it was your fault. Maybe you’re allowed to marry the person you love. If so: Lucky you!

These privileges don’t sound like privileges in the same way a surprise helicopter ride does. So if you do have them, you might not feel especially lucky. But you are, and everyone who isn’t is counting on you to stick up for them when the going gets rough.

Thanks for helping. You’re the best.