listen to yourself: it is what it is

Oh, no. No. Please. Not this. Don’t say this. Please?

Look, we’ve said it before: We don’t care what you say. Not really. Not if you’re paying attention and doing your best to communicate clearly. We won’t give you a hard time if you don’t know the difference between a dangling modifier and an independent clause. We’re not like that.

But sometimes you talk like a person who isn’t thinking and that makes us sad because we like you. That’s why we need you to stop saying “It is what it is.”

Stop it right now.

The expression, “It is what it is,” has come to mean something like, “There’s nothing anyone can do to change this.” It’s like shrugging or sighing, except you say a bunch of words without thinking about what they mean.

“It is what it is.” Yes. Of course it is. Everything is what it is. Nothing is what it isn’t or isn’t what it is. In logic, mindless garbage like this is called circular reasoning. Here at Wordmonster, we call it talking because you didn’t take a second to think about what you wanted to say.