Enhanced means better. Interrogation means asking, somewhat aggressively, a lot of questions. So “enhanced interrogation” must be even better than regular interrogation, right?

Well, maybe. It sort of depends on your definition of “better.”

“Enhanced interrogation” means inflicting extreme physical or emotional pain on someone because you think they know something you want to know. It’s interrogation with extra violence. As such, it’s also a euphemism for torture.

Changing the name of something doesn’t change what it is. If you suffocate a person over and over again, you’re inflicting extreme physical and emotional pain on that person. You can call it whatever you want, just like I could call breaking into your house and confiscating everything worth more than eight dollars “enhanced tax collection.”

A government agency could kick you in the teeth and call it “enhanced dentistry” or cut off all your fingers and store them in jars at NSA headquarters and call it “enhanced fingerprinting,” but it wouldn’t fool anyone for long.