Truth is a thing happens or exists. There are all kinds of people who will tell you they know the truth about stuff, and most of them will probably get sick of answering your questions after three or four minutes.

But then every so often you run across a group of “truth”-obsessed people who like questions even more than you do. Like if there is a terrorist attack in their country, they start asking things like “How do we know it wasn’t our own government pretending to be terrorists?”

These folks like questions. We like questions, too. That’s something we have in common.

But sometimes when you ask a lot of questions, you get very clear, consistent, verifiable answers from a number of independent sources.

The whole reason to ask questions in the first place is to get answers like that — answers supported by math and chemistry and videos and police reports. Get enough answers like that and you’ll have something approaching the truth. Maybe you’ll decide to use your questioning energy on something nobody knows yet. Uncover a real scandal. Make history.