“Beauty” has more definitions than we can list here. Sometimes it describes a thing that is nice to look at, like a battered envelope with a letter in it, a hand when you need one, or the way some people’s eyes crinkle when they smile. Other times, we use it as a synonym for “wonderful.”

Lots of things are beautiful: Breakfast tacos, the ocean, your favorite song, remembering where you put your keys, the planet Saturn, the people you love, the moment right before you solve a puzzle, the good kind of silence, a fresh coat of paint. We haven’t even made a dent in the list.

Strangely, we also hear the word “beauty” a lot whenever a group of young women shows up on live television and invites a panel of judges to decide which one of them is closest to perfect according to a very narrow set of aesthetic standards.

We’d never use it that way. But you go ahead, if it feels right to you.