the tea party

The Tea Party is a branch of the U.S. Republican Party. Its name is a reference to the Boston Tea Party.

This is the story of the Boston Tea Party, as told to American children:

Way back at the dawn of civilization (1773), the English government made British colonists Americans pay taxes even though they didn’t have any say in how their tax money would be spent. Eventually the colonists Americans got sick of it, so they threw a bunch of tea into Boston Harbor before the English government had a chance to sell/tax it. The whole thing was very funny because English people love tea.

The people in the Tea Party have a lot of opinions about taxes. This is the story they want you to tell yourself every time you hear their name: They’re just like the scrappy pre-historic Americans, demanding a say in the national budget.

Here at Wordmonster, we are not experts in human behavior. We are not experts in anything. But we have noticed that people who tell flattering stories about themselves are often delusional or at least unbearably self-absorbed. Watch them closely.